KLM & Heineken – The Orange Experience

Imagine a citywide yard sale and street party rolled into one – that’s what the Dutch national holiday King’s Day is all about. Ten lucky American winners, who took part in a special competition organized by KLM and Heineken, were treated to the ultimate Orange Experience on King’s Day in Amsterdam.


The competition was held on Amsterdam Avenue in New York, where KLM and Heineken had set up a miniature replica of King’s Day, with a flea-market and stand manned by PR staff. Passersby were asked several dance-related questions. Those who answered them correctly were selected as winners.


The winners gathered at JFK in New York on 25 April. Little did they know that they would be flying to Amsterdam, where a superb program of activities awaited them.  After touchdown at Schiphol, an orange bus ferried them to the Heineken Brewery. They then headed off on a festive cruise through Amsterdam’s picturesque canals, which bustle with bright-orange madness on King’s Day. The ultimate surprise came when DJ Armin van Buuren jumped on board to give them an hour‑long private performance. The partygoers fully immersed themselves in the day’s festivities and loved the unique experience.



* Sponsored by KLM