Marianne blogs about workshop on neonataology in Sardenga

Short note from Sardegna and an International Workshop on neonataology

Attending a conference can often become a mixture of so many nice things, meeting new and old friends, listening to interesting study results, stay in a beautiful surrounding and participate in a meaningful way in an international workshop. A nice  experience.

Cagliari is a comfortable city in Southern Sardegna, with mountains in the back and the sea in front of the city, not too big not too small and with a mild and pleasant climate.

Summer flower are still giving nice colours, blue, red together with different kind of palms in these days.

A congress is a congress and food is never missing and the tradition wants every local taste to be as appreciated as possible. So yesterday night the congress dinner was exceptional, almost all ingredients coming from the sea. Fish as a starter and as pasta filler and of course as the main dish. Only the cake had a flower of totally different kind, fresh cheese, honey and almonds, all special from Sardegna!

The focus of the conference concerns the latest results from research in intensive care for newborns. Mostly concerning medical hot topics. On Saturday though some papers will approach more social aspects. Among which I will present a study implemented last summer in Italy by Parlo io, parental association for families with a child with Cochlear Implant (CI)  ( and in Sweden by Barnplantorna (, national organisation for families with a CI-child. The aim of the study was to compare families and CI children’s situation, especially concerning school life, in both countries. I attach a summary of the study available on Barnplantorna’s website.

The hotel hosting the conference is the largest and most modern of Cagliari and it has a special charm in arranging art exhibitions in the big entrance hall. This month the main topic is handcraft of Sardegna, lovely baskets and even a chair in cork and of course handmade scarfs and carpets, a speciality from Sardegna. Some photos will show some of them.

Rome 9.11.12 Marianne Bengtsson Agostino

Klicka på länken sedan om du vill läsa rapporten ”How do children with Cochlear Implant and their families perceive school and school life? ” Barnrapport