Worth taking small children to classical music concerts

At 12 o’clock on Saturday, we went to listen to a classical brunch concert with Malmo Symphony Orchestra at the concert hall. Baring in mind that our little one is almost two, we were not sure how this would work. To sit and listen to classical music for one whole hour when you are that small can be quite testing. But we went with an open mind being prepared that we might have to leave the concert if needed.
Already in the first 15 minutes, Mathias loved it. He smiles and wanted to clap more after the conductor, Marc Soustrot, had played the first piece by Berlioz, Carnaval Romain. Next piece was by Johannes Brahms, Symphony no 1.
After 30 minutes he was fast asleep and kept sleeping during the rest of the performance. This just shows how soothing classical music is and it is definitely worth taking small children as well. You never know they might just love it. The ticket to the concert is bought separately and after the concert you can go for brunch at the hotel next door. There will be another two of these classical brunch concerts next year. It is well worth visiting.
Emma Sköldekrans, Malmö