Hett i Rom

12 juli/

July is hot in Rome even this year, very hot and it is still not really time for holiday for most Romans, although vacations are more spread out today between July and August than in the past.. People who can move out of town to the sea do, mothers with small children or older people a.s.o.

For all the others and for tourists, filling in every empty little space, Rome celebrate summer with sometime spectacular events. Rome look “dressed up to party”, music and films in parks and in open places often going on to late night. Even on the countryside outside Rome there are many possibilities to enjoy.

My summerland is in Sabina, about 50 km north east of Rome, where the famous extravirgin Sabina DOP is produced. Fara Sabina is one of its’ old villages, on top of a 560 meters hill with a glancing view down to the Tibervalley and Rome at the horizon.  Fascinating initiatives are going on this Summer.

The village of Fara Sabina










Last Saturday the theater Potlach held an amusing Festival to close the season (see photos) and at the end of the month a jazz festival will be arranged (see program) with musicians in every corner of the village. It’s a great experience to stroll around in the small passages, have a glass of wine and listen to more music. Welcome to join if you have a chance to reach the place!



A monastery in the past, a theater today

Teatro Potlach

Fara museum and indian music

Marianne Agostino


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