TEDxStockholm presents TEDxStockholmWomen: Momentum

In parallel with the TEDWomen conference during May 27-29, TEDxStockholm will also join the movement with TEDxStockholmWomen: Momentum on May 28th 2015. The event will explore the bold ideas of change and progress both in how we think and act as individuals and society.

The theme, Momentum, is designed to create an environment of innovation and confrontation of the status-quo. According to TEDWomen organizers “Momentum is moving forward. Gaining speed. Building traction.”

The Stockholm edition of TEDWomen 2015 will have the presence of forward thinking leaders who have been chosen for their progressive work in driving change both at a personal and societal level, locally and internationally. With such a line-up, TEDxStockholmWomen: Momentum will explore how the world can be improved by taking individual action but also by empowering other people; by boldly standing up and speaking up for individualistic rights, as well as for collective rights.

Keeping up with previous events, TEDxStockholmWomen: Momentum will gather a community of innovators, entrepreneurs and idea lovers who want to contribute to a developed, avant garde and collaborative society.

Tickets for the event are on sale at Eventbrite and can be bought here.

TEDxStockholmWomen: Momentum will be half-day event. In addition to the talks of the speakers there will also be a simulcast of the one of the sessions of TEDWomen 2015.

All further details and latest news can be found on the TEDxStockholm website and social media platforms: FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.